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About Us
Hoss Retirement & Insurance Services, Inc. Has been servicing families, business & trusts throughout California & other states, with combined experience of 46 Years. We are a holistic Life & Wealth Management team that inspires & educates people to be proactive and to live life on purpose.

Holistic Life & Wealth Management means our team assists in the areas of Retirement, Investments, Risk Management ( Insurance), Estate & Tax Planning.

What is unique about our approach is, we can help plan to provide a solution to many afinancial problem. We work with our clients to create a Financial Plan so that you have a road map that guides you every step of the way to attain all your goals. We accomplish this by providing financial planning and tax preparation services at a very reasonable cost to be most effective.

We can analyze your tax return & provide a side by side tax Proforma that would potentially show you how much in additional taxes you can save.  If you would like to do your tax return through your tax professional, it would still be great to come in for a second opinion and let us analyze the financial planning aspects and Proforma analysis. If you can save $1,000 per year that is $10,000 after 10 years! 

As a licensed Financial Planner and a Fiduciary we have to recommend what is to your best interest.  It is very important to have confidence in your financial plan in the world today.

What is really unique about what we have created is having an Estate Planning Attorney, Enrolled Agent, CPA, Certified TPA, Financial Planner, Investment & Insurance professional on our team to potentially save on all these services and at the same time make sure we can collaborate and talk with another, since most investors go to different advisors and usually advisors don’t talk with another to ultimately preserve the clients family, business & assets! 

In addition we have created a Financial Binder that organizes all your financial documents such as Tax return, Trust documents, Investment & Insurance statements, Mortgage & Bank Information as well as all your personal information passwords & username (if you like) to not only organize everything for you but at the same time help survivors to know where everything is in the event of an emergency.

Please understand Financial Planning is a process and not a product and we are a big advocate in educating clients! If you choose to continue doing what you have done all along or to do this on your own it can be done, but you need to keep in mind that you have to have knowledge of a CPA, Attorney, Retirement Specialist (TPA) , Insurance & Investments, Actuary, Financial Planner & understand all the IRS Rules pertaining to each industry to be really effective. We welcome to give you a second opinion, even if it’s situational. Just think about if you don’t do this now, where will you be 10 years from now by not having the Financial Plans done?
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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck.