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How To Work With Us
Our philosophy is to offer financial education to our community and clients. We know you have worked hard over the years and it's our responsibility to help you preserve and grow your assets and at the same time use the latest tax laws to transfer your estate to those you love. 

We ask questions to create an inventory to help you examine how you make financial decisions and how that process could impact your future. You will then have the choice to decide how you wish to engage our services. You can hire us on as needed basis "situational" with no financial planning fees or depending on what your needs are we would recommend to do a "comprehensive financial plan".


Not everyone is ready for a comprehensive financial plan. If you are focused on meeting a single challenge such as retirement, Investments, Insurance, tax or other financial planning topic, we can establish a plan that is limited in scope and the value you receive in return.

As independent advisors,  we can help you find the best program suitable to your needs

  • Institutional funds
  • 529 Savings 
  • Brokerage Accounts 
  • Roth IRA 
  • Alternative Investments
  • Traditional IRA
  • SEP / Simple IRA 
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Variable Annuities/Index Annuities
  • Advisory Accounts

  • Life Insurance 
  • Disability Insurance 
  • Long Term Care 
  • Group Life/DI
  • Professional Overhead Expense Coverage 
  • Key Employee 
  • Buy- Sell Insurance 
  • Group Health Insurance

Financial Services
  • College Plans 
  • Estate Plans 
  • Profit Sharing Plans 
  • Retirement Plans 
  • Roth 401(k)
  • Business Continuation Plans 
  • Defined benefit plans  
  • 401(k) Plans 
  • 403(b) PlansPlans 
  • Investments

"Comprehensive Financial Planning"

Through this engagement we offer you a comprehensive financial planning solution. We cover all major financial planning topics plus those specific to your concerns. What we deliver is complex calculations and expert advice in the form of a simple and easy to use checklist.

Hoss Financial is a comprehensive Financial Planning Firm. We offer fee based Financial Planning & also act as a Fiduciary for our clients, which means we have an obligation to put clients Interests first in all recommendations we make. We have also created a team of professionals to help our clients experience getting their tax return, trust documents, Investments, Retirement plans and Insurance done in one place to avoid the potential of paying extra fees and make sure all the advisors talk with another to offer a well balanced approach to the clients challenges!

Each client goes through our step-by-step process named “Financial Independence on Your Terms!"
The main reason for our Holistic Approach is to understand your wants & needs, as well as understanding your challenges, in order to recommend what is the best course of action. Once this process is done, you will receive a custom Financial Plan, as well as an investment strategy that is unique to each clients needs. 

Many of our clients are local to Southern California, but many are comfortable working with us virtually all over United States through Skype or joinme sites to get their work done and feel right at home. Our time is primarily spent researching what is best for each client’s portfolios. If you are interested in this Simple but Effective approach that is called “Financial Independence on Your Terms!” in which we can design a comprehensive plan to accomplish all your goals, then this no obligation financial planning process is for you! “Financial Independence on Your Terms” could help you in the Following ways:
  1. Potentially lower your taxes. 
  2. Review your estate plans & trust documents to make sure all the ownership & beneficiaries are set up properly to avoid unnecessary estate & income taxes on your retirement plans, life Insurance and to avoid Probate.
  3. Review the need for Long term Care and Medicare policies & ways to preserve and grow your assets so that it can go to those you love with minimal amount of tax.
  4. If you are a business owner, review the need for buy & sell agreements to protect your business & family.
  5. Analyze your risk tolerance, make sure it matches your investments and review for proper asset allocation. 
  6. Project for your income plan, consider how to maximize your pension and social security, review your fixed cost, cost of insurance plans, avgerage inflation and rates of return on all your investments. Then we provide a strategy that would give you peace of mind that you will not run out of money and that your assets would go to those you love.
  7. It comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied, you pay nothing!
You can review "Financial Independence on Your Terms!” to find out about all the benefits of doing your financial plan.

We can help you with all five segments of financial planning
  • Risk Management (Insurance Planning)
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Investments Planning
  • Tax Planning
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